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Fine mechanical watchmaking, from Japan

The Seiko collection includes several very special creations whose dials are made, in Japan, of enamel. The Japanese tradition of enamel work has a long history, embracing both white enameling and the celebrated cloisonné style that has always been so widely admired. The texture of enamel is pleasing to the eye, the white luster remains permanently unchanged, and it excels in preventing corrosion. Such qualities make it an ideal material for watch dials, but great skill is required in preparing the enamel to the precise dimensions required. Even the temperature and humidity must be controlled and the material adjusted at every stage to ensure a perfect result. Consequently, every dial is different and each has its own
specific beauty. The smoothness, the texture and the rich whiteness of the dials do not change with the years, so the beauty of a Presage enamel dial is forever. Japan is a nation with long unbroken cultural history and one that therefore places high value on traditional skills that result in the long-lasting performance and beauty of the works of art it produces. Presage is the proof.