Meaning of the seven Engelsrufer Chakras

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The seven Engelsrufer chakras, mirror of our consciousness and spirituality.

The chakras are the main energy center of a human being and they are located along the spinal column on the perpendicular center axle of the body.

Certain meanings for body, mind and soul balance the human spirit into a whole and provide compensation between heaven and earth.


Sound chakra crown.
- spirituality
- self-consciousness
- universial consciousness
- highest knowledge

Sound chakra forehead.
- perception
- intuition
- knowledge
- willpower

Sound chakra neck.
- expression
- communication
- inspiration
- openness

Sound chakra heart.
- relationship
- love
- compassion
- warmth
- healing
- relationship
- love
- compassion
- warmth
- healing

Sound chakra solar plexus.
- will
- power
- personality
- wisdom
- handling of
experiences and feelings

Sound chakra sacral.
- sexuality
- emotions
- creativity
- enthusiasm
- erotic

Sound chakra root.
- survival
- instincts
- basic trust
- stability
- assertiveness



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